Journey & Philosophy

Mr. Atul Charde

Mr. Atul Charde is one of the Managing Director of Himalaya Dwellers Pvt.Ltd. He completed his BE (CIVIL) in 1985 from Mysore University. He is a visionary who wanted to serve his people. He is a passionate man with long term vision. He had completed total 50 projects and was successful in satisfying his clients. People know him for quality work with no compromise in product he produces. He is also involved in social service and is inspired by Param Pujya Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He is an ART OF LIVING teacher also. He believes in making good human being and practices his ability in training people.
He is a trustworthy businessman and has an empathetic nature who understands the needs of the people when it comes to home. He says “WE MAKE HOME NOT HOUSE”. He is also involved in education. He is a guest lecture in many colleges in Nagpur. He is a passionate and triggered personality who always believes in hard work and loyalty and results will always be fruitful. He is a man of principles. With his calm and quite personality he is a very successful entrepreneur who fulfilled his mission to provide roof to the people at an affordable price. He believes in getting the blessings of the people who all are the part of HIMALAYA DWELLERS.
In his carrier of 30 years no legal implications occurred in any of his projects. He made things simpler for the people in all aspects like paper work and loan formalities and he never wanted that anyone should face any problem when it comes to their HOME.
His creation raised the bar for luxury apartments in Nagpur. The journey, which started in 1985, has earned consumer trust and firm faith in HIMALAYA DWELLERS Pvt Ltd.
Every project of the group has Mr. Atul Charde leading from the front, motivating a committed team to perform to its full potential. Under his dynamic leadership, the company has achieved the highest stature in professionalism, quality controls and integrity in the realty sector in Nagpur. The company has today become synonymous with timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Mrs. Varsha Charde

Mrs. Varsha Charde is a woman who walks along with her husband and compliments him in every step of his life. She has done her Masters in Arts and has 15 yrs. of experience in trading and distribution. She is also an ART OF LIVING Teacher who believes in serving the people and contributes her best in making this true in all sense. She was always there in every walk of life let it be home and business both with her husband and she successfully fulfilled all the needs of the time.

Mr. Raju Narkhede

Mr. Raju Narkhede is the third director in HIMALAYA DWELLERS. He has done his Diploma in Civil Engineering and has 25 years of experience in this field. He is dynamic personality with the passion to achieve success and serve the people.
He is the pillar of HIMALAYA DWELLERS who stands strong in every ups and downs in the company. The success story of company is incomplete without his name. His contribution in the success of HIMALAYA BUILDERS cannot be measured in any terms.

Everyone has some needs and some responsibilities. If you are taking more responsibilities and you have less need then you will see that life is happy."

-“Shri Shri Ravi Shankar ji”